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Foreign acknowledged medical physicists

Foreign acknowledged medical physicists wishing to register as klinisch fysicus (medical physicist) in the Netherlands should contact the CBGV which will assess the application. Stichting OKF cannot assess the matter and follows the judgement by the CBGV.

It is not allowed to use the title klinisch fysicus (medical physicist) without a registration in the Netherlands, as it is protected by Dutch law.

Please note that in the application for registration by Stichting OKF, also the Dutch language proficiency is considered (minimum B2 level), see Nederlandse taalvaardigheid en Engelse leesvaardigheid | Buitenlands diploma | BIG-register (

You and your employer could agree that you will carry out tasks normally carried out by a medical physicist. However, you could be held liable for any harm possibly done to the patient, resulting from performing actions outside of your qualifications. In matters like these, current legislation is followed.